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NMBU tries to silence horse owner after salmonella outbreak.

The picture shows Sverre Ludvig Seierstad, Head of Department, Department of Sport and Family Animal Medicine, Veterinary College, NMBU.
At the end of May 2018, a outbreak of Salmonella took place at the horse clinic at the Veterinary College, a faculty at NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences).  Among the patients in the clinic there was a foal. While the other horses were able to get rid of the salmonella, the foal was unable to do so. After half a year, NMBU wanted to buy the foal with the intention of kill it, because it failed to get fresh.
When NMBU contacted the owner to buy the foal and then kill it, NMBU let out a purchase contract, where the owner at the same time was obliged to delete many posts on facebook and she should sign that she should not comment on the matter or the content of contract. NMBU promised the owner 70,000 kroner for the foal if she shut up. It was Sverre Ludvig Seierstad, the head of  Department of Sports and Family Animal Medicine,  that came up with the proposal for a purchase contract where the horse owner should commit to silence. He also tried to get the horse-owner to delete a Facebook update on the issue. 
Jon Wessel-Aas is a lawyer with the right to attend the Supreme Court , and has worked a lot with issues that include freedom of speech. He is very clear when he comments the scandal to student magazine Khrono; “It appears that NMBU has tried to buy the horse owner to silence, both about the content of the contract and about the conditions of infection at the clinic, which caused the situation. Considering that these are factors that may be significant far beyond the parties' balances, and potentially may involve violations of public law rules on the management of infectious diseases in animal husbandry and treatment. In the worst case scenario, it means that a public institution that is itself subject to these rules is attempting to influence a potential witness in a subsequent oversight case. Of course, this is not a good thing.
The clinic is still partially closed, now in late March 2019, ten months after the outbreak.

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