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Decommissioning of salmon with hot water causes pain.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority: Today's decommissioning of salmon with hot water is not justifiable A new study shows that farmed salmon show clear pain behavior when they are in water that is over 28 degrees, reports the Norwegian Food Safety Authority on Thursday. "The results suggest that it is not safe to wean with hot water above 28 degrees," says the report. Hot water treatment means that the farmed fish is transferred to a water bath of usually between 29 and 34 degrees for about 30 seconds. The method is also referred to as thermal depletion. In recent years, the method has been the most used for salmon lice on farmed fish. In 2018, 1370 hot water treatments were carried out. It accounted for 68 percent of all drug-free treatments. - The breeders and others who carry out salmon lice treatment with hot water must take this new knowledge into account, says Elisabeth Wilmann, director of fish and seafood in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has informed the trade organizations and the fish health services about the preliminary results. “We expect fish farmers, fish health professionals and others who are responsible for salmon lice treatment with hot water to take into account the results in the future. We have the same expectation for the manufacturers of equipment and method, ”says Wilmann. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority will invite the actors in the aquaculture industry to meet after Easter to hear their assessments and what they do to ensure that the welfare of the farmed fish is taken care of, it is stated.

(Dagens Næringsliv, 28.03.2019. )

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Photo; Erik Christensen

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